WITH regards to the letter in Thursday’s Glasgow Times concerning roadworks on the M8 – I’m also sick of the disruption.

I can handle a couple of weeks but this has been going on for months.

It results in a huge detour when trying to leave the Charing Cross area.

Surely some of these lanes on the motorway can be re-opened?

How long does it take to complete this work? It has been going on far too long now and clarity on when it will be completed is required immediately from road chiefs.



THE bus service in Glasgow is an absolute joke (Bus services are ‘falling apart’ says new report as Glasgow campaign wants public control again, Monday).

Two weeks ago, I made the mistake of getting a No6 home and it was full... with my coordination, going upstairs is never a good idea, neither is trying to get to the back of the bus.

I nearly landed on my backside and the bus driver didn’t care. the buses are filthy, the drivers are rude and they do not care – enough said. I’m going to learn to drive...

C Boyle

Posted online

JOHN COLLINS’ claims that Celtic could have beaten Rangers to the title last season if they ‘switched keepers’ sparked many comments online. Here’s a selection...

OUR problems were all over the pitch, not just in goal. Saying otherwise does a disservice to the way Rangers were relentless in punishing every single mistake we made.

Ciaran O’Fiach

COMEDY gold, John Collins. If they had switched managers – maybe. The defence? Dear oh dear.

John Connor

I ACCEPT that, had we had Fraser Forster or Craig Gordon in goal we would have saved a few points, but our play, in general was poor.

We didn’t score enough. Our defence was not tight and, clearly there were issues in the dressing room. The truth is Rangers never lost a league match and won the league fair and square.

Ned Kelly

JOHN COLLINS has a point.

Celtic went from having a world class keeper to very much not. And the difference was obvious.

You must know yourselves the difference a trustworthy goalkeeper makes to the team.

John Larkin