Glasgow seems to be “hostage” to disruptions caused by football matches, orange walks, other protests etc.

Why is there not more active coordination of these events by the City Council in consultation with SPT, ScotRail, bus operators, football clubs etc?

A lack of political leadership? If there are problems on Sunday evening, who will take responsibility?

Ian Davidson

After reading the article “Tipping Point City Families Tell of Waste Misery” about the horrible smell and flies coming from the Blochairn waste depot I must say I agree with the many local residents who are complaining.

There has been a noticeable smell for some time but this the worst ever, its either the house is sweltering or the house is stinking and that is surely unhealthy.

I bet the anonymous spokesman for Glasgow city council who is telling the depot is operating within the terms of its licence wouldn’t put up with this, indeed if the council leader ever finds her way from the film sets in the city centre and visits this area we might get a response to our complaint.

Billy Gold

How great it has been to enjoy the sun in Glasgow this week.

We don’t say it enough but our city really is the finest on God’s green earth.

Jimmy Stewart