In regards to the issue of young people not coming forward for Covid vaccinations.

I have just walked through a local shopping centre in the North East of Glasgow this morning and was shocked at the number of young men going in and out of shops with no face coverings.

They really need to ramp up the message that more and more young folk are getting Covid and they need to get vaccinated and start following the rules and not putting other lives at risk.

MA (Glasgow)

I see the Tory comedians are out again, they want to give people cheaper energy prices (Glasgow Times, July 24). They created this unholy mess, with at least 64 energy companies with hundreds of different tariffs.

What is their plan: automatic switching of suppliers? Then after a short time the company ups their prices.

The government know to the exact penny the cost of electricity generation in this country.

Why not share that cost evenly among every single household in the country, or is that too simple a concept for them. Gas prices I know are subject to fluctuations caused by multi-national companies trying to maximise profits. But the measures announced in your article are not going to make much difference.

As for Ofgem they have been a toothless tiger since deregulation. I have had dealings with them.

I would advise anyone who has not changed supplier for years to take the time to look on the Internet.

Older people like me should ask their families to check for them if they are confused by computers.

William Allan

How sad to read about the woman, her mum, and her baby being trapped in a car.

These ‘safety locks’ are nothing but a danger.

Maisey Smith