Drug deaths in Glasgow have hit another record high as the latest shocking figures have been released.

The latest figures show that 291 men and women lost their lives to drugs in the city in 2020.

It is a record, up form the 279, last year and the high of 280 in 2018.

Across Scotland, the total was 1339, another record high for the seventh year in a row as the number increased by 5% on last year.

Since 2013, when it was 527, deaths the total has risen year on year to this years record high once more.

After last year's record number, Nicola Sturgeon announced a new minister responsible for drugs policy, Angela Constance and allocated £250m for drug services next five years including £20m a year for rehab services.

However, campaigners and people on the front line promoting recovery have said that change is not coming quick enough and people are still being denied appropriate treatment.

Annemarie Ward, chief execuvtive of Favour Scotland, said she was "Heartbroken, again, and again and again".

She added: "Rest in peace. We need to change the law, we need to give our people access to help that can get us well again."

Angela Constance, Drugs Policy Minister said: “Once again, the statistics on drug-related deaths are heart-breaking. I want to offer my sincere condolences to everyone who has lost a loved one through drug use.

“We need to gather as much information as we can about drug use in Scotland and to that end, data on suspected drug deaths will be published quarterly from this September. This will ensure we can react more quickly and effectively to this crisis and identify any emerging trends.

“We are working hard to get more people into the treatment that works for them as quickly as possible. Without treatment, there is little hope of recovery so we are funding as many community and third sector initiatives as we can so that individuals have the widest possible choice and can opt for the support which suits them and their family.”