Glasgow Sheriff Court: Foot fetish perv locked up after chatting to girl '13' on dating app Tagged

By Connor Gordon

Court Reporter

Glasgow Sheriff Court: Foot fetish perv locked up after chatting to girl '13' on dating app Tagged

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A PERVERT with a foot fetish who asked for pictures of a girl he believed was 13 has been locked up.

Philip McDonnell, 53, spoke to two adults posing as decoys between March and April this year from his home in Glasgow’s Cranhill.

McDonnell pleaded guilty at Glasgow Sheriff Court to attempting to communicate indecently with a child.

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The court heard McDonnell first came across one of the decoys whose profile on dating site Tagged initially stated she was 18.

McDonnell sent some messages to the account before the decoy stated that she was 14.

Prosecutor Alasdair Knox said: “McDonnell continued the conversation and asked her for a pic of her feet so he could buy her trainers.”

McDonnell continued to ask for pictures and sent a selfie of himself before the chat became more sexual.

He stated that he would like to “put the girl over his knee” and asked if she wanted him to expose himself.

Police raised McDonnell’s home where he made admissions of speaking to a 14-year-old and another young girl.

An investigation was sparked and officers recovered conversations McDonnell had with a 13-year-old decoy.

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The pair also communicated initially on the Tagged dating app around the same time as the other decoy.

The decoy told McDonnell that she was 13 and that she had just come back from school.

He told the decoy that he liked “female feet” and asked her for pictures.

McDonnell also asked if the decoy had ever kissed a boy and for pictures in her school uniform.

Mr Knox added: “The conversation became more sexual and he asked about kissing her on her feet while she repeatedly told him she was 13.”

A total of 153 messages were sent between McDonnell and the first decoy and 1486 for the second.

Sentence was deferred until next month by Sheriff Tony Kelly who remanded McDonnell in custody meantime.