With two blockbuster films being shot in the city centre in July, we went out onto the streets of Glasgow to ask people the all important question: who do you prefer, Batman or Indiana Jones?

Earlier in the month, several streets were transformed into 1960s New York as scenes for the next instalment of Indiana Jones were filmed. Eagle-eyed onlookers managed to catch a glimpse of Harrison Ford’s stunt double riding a horse in what appeared to be a chase scene, and saw what is thought to be a ticker-tape parade to welcome the astronauts back from the 1969 moon landing.

Currently, parts of the city have been turned into Gotham City as shooting for The Flash gets underway. Videos circulated online of more chase scenes as the iconic Batmobile belted down St Vincent Street surrounded by police cars and raced down the Kingston Bridge in the wrong direction.

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Glasgow Times:

Jordan Tennant, 28, thinks it ‘great’ both films have been shot in Glasgow, though it was hard for him to choose a favourite action hero. He said: “It is a bit of a tough one. Indiana Jones, I love the style of him but at the same time Batman’s got the cool cars.

“I must say I prefer Batman if I was to choose between the two of them but looking forward to seeing the films when they come out in the cinema.”

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Glasgow Times:

Jaqueline Ferrie on the other hand was much more sure of her favourite. She agreed: “Batman because I think he’s cooler and sexier.”

Glasgow Times:

Lewis Van Diggelen, 26, on the other hand is a loyal Harrison Ford fan. He responded: “I prefer Indiana Jones because I like Han Solo and I like his performance in Star Wars.”

Speaking of seeing the Glasgow transformed for the film, he added: “I think it’s funny because they say it’s New York, but it’s not in New York.”

Glasgow Times:

Superhero fan Eddie Martin, 67, gave another vote to The Caped Crusader. He said: “Batman, because I used to watch Batman when I was a kid.

He says it’s ‘fantastic’ The Flash is being filmed here. He joked: “I think it’s the best thing that could happen to Glasgow… well according to me anyway.”

Glasgow Times:

Mark Mclaughlin ,33, also chose the DC comic book hero as his favourite. He said: “Probably Batman overall. He’s got more of a story, there’s more going on.

“There’s three good Indiana Jones films and then they seem to keep making them which is a shame.

“With Batman films you don’t have the same sense of fear of them releasing something.”

Glasgow Times:

Finally, Melissa Miller, 31, gave another point to the Defender of Gotham. She said: “I would probably say Batman.

“Although I’d seen Indiana Jones first, I saw that when I was quite young and I did really like it but then growing up I didn’t really have as much interest in it whereas I was working in the cinema when Batman, the Christopher Nolan ones, were released so then I got a bit more interested in it and a bit more invested in it.”

So there you have it. Overall, it seems Batman is the more popular choice among Glaswegians, but we’re sure both films will be a hit when they’re released next year as moviegoers try to catch a glimpse of the city on the big screen.