THE comment from Alan Izat suggests that everyone who has had a rant about the state of Glasgow streets on Facebook should all go to their local council offices, contact their local councillor and MP to complain.

He believes that this would get things done. Sorry Alan, I have done all that and I’m constantly in touch with the council but all you get from the council is the excuse about how due to coronavirus they cannot meet with people face-to-face and that they are not in the City Chambers at this time.

It has no interest in Glasgow’s streets, and councillors’ heads are all filled with the climate change conference due to happen this year.

Their brains are also filled with independence, and bike lanes which is stopping them from focusing on anything else.

Glasgow is not going to be fixed by the council and will remain in this present state even when the climate change conference is happening.

The council is useless in my opinion and is not taking action against any of the issues raised with councillors.

People need to either stop complaining, stop expecting the council to do anything or do it themselves.

Disgusted and angry



I WONDER, as we get nearer the date of the COP26 conference, if we will see a sudden surge by the council in attempting to clean up the city before all these delegates arrive?

They appear to be in complete denial about the state of our city and it makes you wonder how local councillors can stand by and watch their areas deteriorate.

They surely must see what we mere mortals see: a city in decay.




WELL done to the BMX cyclists who won medals in Japan. We have an Olympic rated BMX track in Glasgow – opened in 2018 – at a cost of nearly £4 million and it’s been used two or three times.

So, what’s the chance of any Scottish kids winning medals in the future?

Are you listening Glasgow Life in case you are thinking of closing down any more facilities in Glasgow.

William McCarron