IT’S the worst webcam on the planet anyway (Glasgow George Square webcam SHUT off during The Flash filming, August 1).

We’re in 2021 and it’s not streaming live or with sound. Keep it off unless it’s replaced with new technology.

Oh wait, the council has no money, except for vote projects.

Alex Hewetson - Posted online

WHAT I don’t understand is that thousands of council staff and government workers are sitting in the house on full pay.

The heroic few including cleansing workers are still doing their jobs. But all my main services including sports centres, swimming pools, libraries, museums, art galleries and community centres were shut and other services curtailed like bulk refuse uplift and gardening services for the elderly.

Why oh why are we not demanding a major council tax refund for services not delivered?

Bill Love, Mosspark

MEANWHILE, Barclays will close their East Kilbride branch in September (Barclays reveal plan for 5,000 workers in their new Glasgow campus, July 31). I hope staff from these branch closures at least get priority in some of the new roles created. It doesn’t help their customers who rely on being able to use a branch and see a human face-to-face.

James Shanks - Posted online

THE staff in Glasgow will mostly be in back-office roles. Lots of London financials do this. It’s miles cheaper employing in Glasgow than London or even Edinburgh.

Bank branches are going the same way as shops on the high street. Which is sad, but life today. You’ve got to credit Barclays for sticking with this expansion because I bet they were tempted to can it. Barclays has never been a major high-street bank in Scotland in any case. Don’t be surprised if banks only have one large branch per city or town in future. Once cash disappears completely from retail, what will they exist for? The transaction charge for card payments is so low now that nearly every shop will accept them. That’s the end for bank branches.

Tom Smith - Posted online

USUALLY I’m a grumpy old g**. But your court reports are brilliant – it’s like an adult Countdown All the f***, c***, and a******* is great. All I can ask is if criminals can expand their vocabulary to make it more challenging.

Mark Mcnulty - Via email