NEWS that the Disney Store at the St Enoch's centre is set to close it's doors has caused shockwaves across Glasgow.

The legendary store was a part of everybody's childhood and if you were on your best behaviour after being dragged around the shops by your mum on a Saturday afternoon, she always promised you a trip.

One Glasgow Times reporter remembered seeing her gran sneakily buy a much longed-for Polly Pocket style Snow White house in order to send off to Santa for Christmas.

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Susie Rodgers remembered the day it opened. She said: "I remember the day it opened and being so excited seeing Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse in Glasgow. I'm going to miss this shop so much."

Glasgow Times:

Shell Blair said she isn't a fan of shopping online and will miss the store. She added: "They want people to shop online, it's not for me. It's such a shame. I loved going there as a child. So sad."Glasgow Times: Picture by Colin MearnsPicture by Colin Mearns

Some said their children would be 'gutted' and one little girl even burst into tears after hearing the news. Samantha Deakin said: "Absolutely gutted. I have just told Olivia and she’s crying."

One Glasgow Times reader recalled receiving a snowglobe from the store for her 18th birthday to which her friend replied "Nae mare snow globes for you!"

Glasgow Times: Staff pose after Disney store refurbished. Pic: Colin MearnsStaff pose after Disney store refurbished. Pic: Colin Mearns

Other readers are hoping to take advantage of a closing down sale. 

The much-loved store will close its doors next Wednesday, August 11.