UPDATEGlasgow's Hartstone Road: Forensic specialists identify human remains in Pollok park


A FORENSICS tent has been set up at the site of a major police probe in a Pollok park. 

The blue and white structure was erected this morning in Hillwood Park, at Hartstone Road. 

Tents are usually used by police when bodies have been found but can be used in other circumstances. Police Scotland could not confirm what these were. 

Emergency services have been on the scene since early this morning and the street and park have been cordoned off by police. 

Forensic teams were spotted earlier today and the fire brigade remain at the scene. 

Police said they were responding to a fire but no further information was given on the nature of the incident.

A spokeswoman for the force said: "We were called around 7.35am on Wednesday, August 4, to a report of a fire in Househill Park near Hartstone Road, Glasgow. Emergency services are at the scene.”

Police were approached for further comment.