THE manager of a legendary theatre has announced they will not open until the Scottish Government issue clearer guidance on social distancing and masks.

Iain Gordon, who is general manger of the Pavilion on Renfield Street called for clarity after Nicola Sturgeon announced yesterday that no venue would be legally required to close after August 9.

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In a statement posted on the theatre's Facebook page, they said: "Personally, we are all for following the rules but there are so many points that have not been addressed and the majority of these require to be answered before we can make any decisions on the timescale to reopen.

"Too many things have been left unanswered. Yesterday’s announcement was a case of giving with one hand and tightening the grip with the other.

Iain, who has managed the historic venue since 1978, called discussions around entertainment venues re-opening "too open-ended" to make any "sudden" decisions on reopening soon. 

It comes as The King's Theatre and Theatre Royal announced they would open again at the beginning of September.

The beleaguered manager is worried about taking a financial risk on launching shows incase there is another lockdown. He added: "The months ahead are worrying for the theatre industry as a lot of us get ready for productions, with schools and universities going back, all other areas reopening without restrictions, people returning from holiday abroad, large scale events like football and concerts and not forgetting the number of foreign visitors and delegates coming from across the world for COP26, surely a super spreader event waiting to happen.

Glasgow Times:

"Our worry is that by the time we have shows ready we will be in another lockdown, and we will not get the chance to reopen despite spending a considerable amount of money in preparation. This was apparent during yesterday’s announcement where in the months to come the repeated threat of local lockdowns and travel bans continue to hang over us all. Currently it is all a big gamble."

"We really need to move forward as a country with optimism which has to come from the First Minister.

"We will keep you posted in the days, weeks and months to come and will reopen when the time is right, and the theatre is safe to do so and most of all when we think you the audience are ready to return."

The Glasgow Times contacted the Scottish Government earlier today for further guidance on face mask restrictions in entertainment venues.