WITH reference to the articles regarding the amount of rubbish lying about the city...

It’s about time the elected councillors do the job that the people elected them for and get something done about this.

This is a photo of just one part of Victoria Road.


Angry resident

WELL Bill Love, I think I know the answer to your question “Why does Glasgow still have useless unsightly public phone boxes?” (August 3)

The brains you refer to do not make the decisions.

They are made by Nicola Sturgeon and passed on to the minions, and of course we all know she is not keen to make Glasgow the nice clean city it once was to the detriment of Edinburgh.

Fellow sympathiser

East Kilbride

I’M ashamed the mess Glasgow has become. Doesn’t help that local councils aren’t litter picking. A group of us started a litter group but it made no difference. I would always make time for the homeless but not now. Too many beggars and it can be overwhelming at times.

Jo Silverstein-Stenhouse

GLASGOW is a tip, litter everywhere, weeds growing out of pavements, broken pavements, don’t start me on the roads, bin collections cut, where will it end? Glasgow Council hang your head in shame.

Margaret McGovaney

TWO wrongs don’t make a right. Wrong to drop litter and spray graffiti. Wrong not to do anything about it.

John McLeod

GLASGOW has been a tip for years, years of neglect from all administrations have left the place looking like a warzone, cutbacks in spending and budgets tell its own story. Just wait until the conference takes place later on in the year, money will be found from somewhere to give the place a makeover for the foreign dignitaries arriving, two weeks after they leave the place will revert back to being a s******* again.

Steven MacDonald