ALL WAS not as it should have been at the Botanic Gardens in June, 1996.

Readers of a certain vintage may remember the terrifying TV adaptation of John Wyndham’s book Day of the Triffids – our photographer at the time this picture was taken certainly did.

“Due to the unusually hot weather and the proliferation of artistic goings-on, something weird has sprouted in the farthest corners of the Kibble Palace,” he wrote in the caption on the back of the photo. “Three very rare examples of the species Triffidus westendicus and their eccentric keeper Ian Smith, take shade from the summer sun…”

Josephine Bigham, Gwendoline Roberts and Ellen Bigham of Maryhill, he notes, did not seem at all perturbed by the odd visitors.

Glasgow Times: Kids at Firhill Basin, 1985

The canal has been in the news this week, with the fantastic opening of Claypits Nature Reserve. Back in 1985, it was not even a twinkle in someone’s eye but you could still enjoy a cycle up to the Firhill Basin, like these boys on their bikes.

Glasgow Times: The bus to Auchenshuggle

Do you remember the Auchenshuggle bus?

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This is one of Glasgow’s quirkiest mysteries – where did the name come from? Was it really Glasgow Corporation Transport Department's invention when they sited the local terminus for service No 9 on Braidfauld Street to encourage the curious to travel there, increasing revenue in their coffers?

Or does Auchenshuggle date back to earlier times? When the tram to Auchenshuggle was replaced by the bus in the 60s, eventually the name disappeared. Can any Times Past reader shed any light? Get in touch if you can...