Glasgow Women’s Aid have teamed up with local organisations to help promote their Still In Lockdown campaign with a week of online content.

Martha, communications worker for the charity organisation, said: “When we hold campaigns from our social media, everyone that follows us is already pretty aware of the work we do.

“We decided with the Still In Lockdown campaign that we would get in touch with organisations all over Glasgow and the rest of Scotland to try and spread the message a bit further.

“We’re so happy with the response. These are places that wouldn’t necessarily post about issues like domestic abuse on their stories, so we’re really hoping it will raise awareness over different platforms.”

Local businesses like Singl-end and the Centre for Contemporary Art on Sauchiehall street have stepped in to support the campaign which has been devised to try to maintain the level of awareness Glasgow Women’s Aid experienced during the height of the pandemic.

Francis McKee, CCA Director, said: "We wanted to support this campaign as the issues of domestic abuse affect so many people.

“Hopefully this campaign can raise awareness and help some of those living in difficult home environments."

Glasgow Times:

Pictured: The CCA have partnered with the charity to raise awareness

Martha and the team at Glasgow Women’s Aid know that this level of exposure is vital to the campaign’s success.

She said: “When we first went into lockdown, we noticed a huge increase in donations and support from the public because the media were really paying attention to the rise in domestic abuse cases.

“Now that a year has passed that attention is starting to fade, people aren’t discussing the issue anymore and it’s falling out of focus.

“The aim of the campaign is to highlight that even though we’ve moved on, those who experience domestic abuse are in many ways still in lockdown.”

The Still In Lockdown campaign runs from August 2 to 6 and has a different focus each day from how Glasgow Women’s Aid helps children affected by domestic abuse to educating members of the public on common misconceptions surrounding domestic abuse.

One such misconception that the charity are hoping to challenge is the idea that only adults are affected by domestic abuse. To do so, they are launching a new service Enough! which is specially created to offer support to teens.

Glasgow Times:

Pictured: Enough! Instagram page has been devised for teenagers

Martha said: “Enough! has a separate Instagram page because it’s a service specifically for teenagers.

“It works in two parts, the first focuses on prevention and runs in schools and then the second is a helpline launching soon which is specifically for teenagers.

“They’ll be able to call us if worried about their own or a friends relationship.

“It’s all about promoting healthy relationships.”

Social media users are encouraged to tune into the final day of the campaign this Friday to learn about all the different ways that they can support Glasgow Women’s Aid going forward.


Martha said: “We accept donations which most people know already, but we also provide businesses with posters to put up in their toilets or changing rooms.

“We can also send you social media graphics to use on your website.

“On top of that, you can get involved by signing up for specialist training on domestic abuse either individually or as a workplace.”

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