YOUR reader replied to my letter on useless, vandalised, filthy, graffitied public phone boxes by inferring the council and the police are not responsible for making decisions to resolve this situation and that Nicola Sturgeon is the decision maker.

Jings crivvens, it’s the council and the police who are responsible for making Glasgow cleaner, safer, better, brighter and more beautiful so let’s not blame another ineffective player.

Unfortunately, the council and police are skilled in the art of “if you do nothing, you do nothing wrong” and there’s always someone else you can blame to hide from your responsibility – including Covid. So let’s see them knock their heads together to get action to rid the streets of these horrendous, useless eyesores.

Bill Love - Mosspark

HELLO councillors of this great country. In case you’re not aware of it or can’t use your brains correctly (if you have any) ... cuts to street cleaners, WEEKLY bin uplifts, the police, etc, are causing more rats and mice in this country to free flow anywhere. Before we know it, Mr Roland Rat will be First Minister.

Public health and safety comes first, I’m sure, before your pockets are full. If you have no money how about doing your job and track about 50% of your workers who sit about in their council vans for hours getting paid for nothing?

Get your butts off seats and actually go outside and do something instead of passing reports on to the next person.

I Craig

THE biggest penny in the £ for council tax revenue has always gone to education. However, with school starting at 9am and finishing some days at 2pm with almost an hour for lunch, you can even see that is a service that’s on the decline.

The council has been on its knees for years. Penny wise and pound foolish. There isn’t anyone in their right mind that thinks these green, blue, purple etc bins have the capacity to retain household waste for three weeks without it being majorly hazardous. They just don’t care. When all else fails they’ll blame Cosla.

James Louise Martin

FOR the health and safety of the public and their workforce... These horrendous bin collection times are ludicrous. It’s destroying our cities and towns. Every bin should be emptied on a weekly basis.

The weather we have had has made our gardens revolting due to odours from our bins. God, they receive enough council tax payments to cover the cost. Shocking.

Ryan McCrory