TRAVEL industry bosses say that the current lifting of restrictions is not going far enough. Now there’s a surprise.

Just what will satisfy the greedy travel and hospitality industry? Total uplift of all restrictions and a free for all? The virus has not gone away by any stretch of the imagination. These people should just be totally honest and say they want complete herd immunity and if vulnerable people are at risk so what!

MA Glasgow

THE Scottish Government press release announcing that India is no longer on the red list and visitors from France will no longer have to quarantine causes me huge concern.

We have had three deadly waves of this virus – why does Nicola Sturgeon want to allow travel to Scotland so soon? In addition, the ruling to have 60,000 fans at Ibrox and Parkhead next week defies belief as we still have around a 5% daily positive test rate for Covid which is the World Health Organisation definition of a pandemic.

David Watson - Leith

AN article in this paper just the other day by Stewart Patterson explained clearly that we now have 100 fewer employees covering the same amount of work – that will always lead to lower standards (Keir Starmer claims Glasgow in ‘waste crisis’ as he blasts SNP-led city council, August 6).

The whole city is a mess with rubbish, overgrown bushes and weeds being allowed to grow on roadsides and at traffic lights and railings everywhere you look.

Susan Aitken has overseen a huge dip in standards within this city and someone else from the SNP needs to step in and take over with new and fresh ideas before we lose a further 500 jobs.

A Quinn - Posted online

GET a high viz on and starting clearing up! Actions speak louder than words.

Tommy Tucker Posted online HOW about the 60 years Labour were in control of Glasgow and left the entire city as a wasteland? The M8 carving up the city for example, demolishing whole neighbourhoods, destroying communities.

Paul Barclay - Posted online

THE council could boost its revenue by utilising parking wardens as environmental wardens and issuing fines to people making unecessary work by littering and graffiti-spraying (Letters: Council gets enough tax to fix all our bin problems..., August 6).

On Dowanside Road and other one-way streets, they could fine the motorists and cyclists who use them as two-way streets! Every little helps!

Westender 1 - Posted online