DO politicians like Jon Molyneux live in the real world (“PM’s Thatcher comments are reminder of why we need to leave”, August 7)? He says the Green Party is committed to giving a jobs guarantee for fossil fuel workers.

Scotland, like most Western countries, is now an industrial manufacturing wasteland. Manufacturing has been relocated to China and the Far East by wealthy Western industrialists. The only work the Green Party and any other UK political party can promise to the electorate, is the opening of the boxes containing the products manufactured in China and the Far East.
Daniel Harris
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SURELY during this pandemic, use could be made of the thousands of council and government workers sheltering on full pay in their houses hiding from Covid when the heroic cleansing workers are out there throughout lifting bins?

It doesn’t take a huge training programme to brush the streets, lift litter, remove graffiti, cut the grass, put down rat traps to assist pest control. An army of helpers have not even enlisted.

Maybe it’s because management are enjoying their fully paid 18-month holiday in their house. No doubt they will ask for a wage increase when this is all over.
Bill Love

I READ the article (August 5) regarding the male who purchased a chicken carry-out and left it on the roof of a phone box in Sauchiehall Street.

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I would like to say well done to this male, who is clearly an animal lover. God bless him for considering the wildlife in Sauchiehall Street. The animals will not survive if the humans do not help them. This man clearly was an animal hero.
Animal Lover

WHAT an embarrassment as the UK Prime Minister.

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He gloats about whole communities being decimated by the evil Thatcher. Then tried to say they are saving the country from pollution. This is the same Tories who have just granted permission for a new coal mine to be built in Cumbria. This is the same government who are spending £50 billion a year importing coal from other countries. In 2020, we imported 1.6 million metric tons from Russia and more from China. Not too worried about global warming and pollution, are you, Johnson?
Mark Allen
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