COPS were at a popular shopping centre over the weekend giving out top tips on how to avoid cycle thefts.

Police were also joined by youth volunteers at Evans Cycles in the Glasgow Fort who helped members of the public to mark bikes. We reported last week that bikes with markings had a higher rate of success in being reunited with owners.

Greater Glasgow officers revealed there had been a spate of bicycle thefts across the city and around 15 to 25 cycles are reported stolen across Glasgow each week.

Glasgow Times:

Cops have been holding a series of bike safety workshops across Glasgow and hope this yields results. Chief Inspector Ross Kelly of Glasgow City Centre previously told the Glasgow Times: ““We are seeing a significant number of bike thefts, in a typical week there are about 15 to 25 bikes stolen across Greater Glasgow.

“A lot of these are opportunistic in nature, so if the owner has not taken the necessary steps to secure it, someone will just walk away with it.Glasgow Times:

“Then you have the middle ground, where people will take action to secure their bike but they might not do it particularly well. That means that a thief wouldn’t have to do that much to steal it. That might be not using a good quality lock, so it’s easy to break.

Glasgow Times:

“On the other end of the scale, you have links into serious and organised crime, where good quality bikes are stolen to order. You wouldn’t necessarily link bikes to that but that is part of the bigger picture.”