TORRENTIAL rain started to pour through the roof of a TK Maxx store in Glasgow city centre.

It is believed customers had to be evacuated from the Sauchiehall Street branch on Sunday afternoon. 

In a video posted on social media by shopper Joanna, puddles can be seen on the floor with some toiletry products floating in the water.

Rain can be seen coming through the basement roof at a fast speed whilst customers head up the escalator to the ground floor exit. 

Joanna, who was shopping at the time of the incident, claimed the footage was taken inside the department store.

She said: "There was a huge bang first then the water burst in - I thought we were going to be trapped!" 

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In the caption to her video, she praised staff and said: "Well done @TKMaxx_UK Glasgow for the speedy evacuation of the customers following torrential rain and a ceiling collapse! Quite scary!"

Tk Maxx has been approached for comment.