LORRAINE Kelly's daytime TV show has been cleared by Ofcom after the broadcasting regulator received 152 complaints in relation to comments made about the Covid-19 vaccines. 

152 people complained to Ofcom after resident health expert, Dr Hilary Jones, shared his view on the safety of the vaccines and why people should feel confident in receiving their doses.

Lorraine also claimed during the conversation that those who decided not to take any vaccines needed to be "protected from themselves."

During the episode, which aired last month, she said: "To the people that are still wary of it and think this vaccine is a terrible thing and they are in terrible danger, it's just really, you want to tear your hair out.

"The government are saying 'We are going to rely on the common sense of the British people.'

"Well most people do have common sense, some don't though and have to be protected from themselves."

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Dr Hilary then responded: "They don't understand science, they won't listen to reason, they get this idea in their heads and they stick with it.

"They read the conspiracy theorist rubbish on social media and they become completely obsessed with the idea that the government are trying to take over their brain.

"It's absolutely absurd and unfortunately those people have a very strong voice.

"It doesn't affect the DNA of your cells, it can't affect your fertility, it can only protect you, it's a win, win, win, win, win. There's no downside.

"The risk of the virus is far, far worse than the vaccination so think about it again."

This conversation prompted some viewers to complain to Ofcom that Dr Hilary's remarks were "materially misleading".

Despite the 152 complaints lodged against the daytime show, Ofcom has cleared the show and decided not to take the investigation any further. 

An Ofcom spokesperson: "Our rules allow for rigorous debate around the response to Coronavirus – including on the vaccination programme, consistent with the right to freedom of expression.

"In our view, Dr Hilary offered a medically informed opinion on the safety of vaccines, and his comments would have been within the audience’s expectations, as his views on the merits of vaccination are well-known."