IT’S been a wedding season with a difference this year.

Many couples-to-be waiting patiently for restrictions to relax means there seems to be more weddings than normal at the back end of summer.

Weddings are always great fun to service, as there’s few occasions when you find people in such good form.

Of course, you can also experience the odd hiccup, which takes me back to a story from a few years ago.

On this occasion a guy jumps into my cab on a Sunday back shift.

“I’m going to Argyle Street mate, how much?” he says.

“Depends on what end matey, anything from £6 to a tenner,” I said.

“Oh, it’s the far end, it will be the tenner end. She did tell me that it’s quite far.”

I presume the ‘she’ was his wife with the instructions beforehand and didn’t argue! So off we went.

Ten minutes later... “That’s you my friend, £10.60 please,” I said after pulling up the hand brake.

“This is not Argyle Street driver; I’ve been once before and it’s defo not here.”

“Well mate, the far end is here and you’re here!”

“Let me phone her...”

He proceeds to phone.

“Here, direct the driver,” he said to his good lady as he handed me the phone.

As I took the phone off him, he was getting agitated, so I put my calming voice on and spoke to the lady. She asked me what was around and visible where we had stopped.

I said “Kelvingrove Museum” and barely had the two words left my mouth before she jumped in.

“Is that not in Glasgow?”

I replied: “Aye, been there a long time darling!”

Then the penny dropped with the couple.

“He’s meant to be going to Argyle Street, Inverness, for a wedding, can you bring him up?”

Oooft ... let’s just say it cost a little bit more than a tenner. Got him there in good time, though.

Good luck to everyone getting married this year after what I’m sure has been a long and nervous wait.

Just make sure you tell us the street, city and postcode – the whole works – when you book us!

Stay safe.