I T is apparent from the Glasgow Times on Monday that the Conservative Councillors in George Square under the leadership of Thomas Kerr appear to have suddenly adopted a social conscience, or have they?

They blame an inept SNP for the numerous cuts in public spending, affecting the most vulnerable sections of the community. I would remind Mr Kerr that people in glass houses should not throw stones, as most of the cuts he refers to are a result of of underfunding by successive central Tory governments.

If Councilor Kerr and his group are genuinely concerned about the plight of the elderly, and the ever increasing cost of nursery fees, perhaps they can persuade Boris Johnson to divert to Scotland the £200 million, intended for the construction of a new Royal Yacht.


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HAVING read the council’s excuse for doing great things on making Glasgow better and spending fortunes, I am reminded of Winston Churchill and his speech, but I’ll change his words.

“Never in the field of making Glasgow Cleaner Safer Better Brighter and more Beautiful has so little been done by so many with so little effect.

“Hang your head in shame for the fortunes spent on failed Food Waste initiative. The daft cycle lane idea with bollards taken out for health and safety. The stinky huge dog waste bins which can never contribute to recycling.”

Bill Love



NOW it’s official, I hope the workers and families, relatives stop buying their biscuits in the near future (Hundreds of jobs set to go as pladis dismiss rescue plans for McVitie’s factory, Glasgow Times online). There are plenty other biscuits out there.

Joe Allinson

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AS I predicted – good luck to all the employees finding alternative employment.

Simon Taylor

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I’M disgusted that this closure plan is to go ahead. This is devastating for the local community and beyond. I just hope the workers are given the help they require to find employment elsewhere. Loyalty at a company really doesn’t pay anymore.

Jason Stewart



PROFIT always comes ahead of looking after staff. It’s a disgrace.

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