Scottish pubs are "just days away" from running out of alcohol due to supply issues, industry bosses have warned.

After 18 months of lockdown restrictions, pubs and bars were able to fully reopen to customers on August 9.

However, due to delayed and cancelled deliveries from suppliers including Belhaven and Heineken, customers could miss out on their favourite drink, reports the Daily Record.

Some suppliers and brewers have said a lack of drivers and staff in warehouses has led to issues with deliveries.

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Dunbar-based Belhaven has said it has had difficulty getting gas which is used to make its products.

Some pub bosses are concerned that closures could follow as many are still recovering after months of coronavirus restrictions.

Colin Wilkinson, managing director of the Scottish Licensed Trade Association, said: "There definitely will be some pubs which are running out.

"Getting supplies has been an absolute nightmare. This is the first weekend after the restrictions eased on August 9 and we were hoping for some sort of normality in our industry but this is another hurdle on our road to recovery.

"One pub told me that they were getting just one keg of Belhaven Best."

He added: "The licensing trade has always been very flexible and can bend to customer demand so I hope customers can understand the situation we are in at the moment."