THAT would be just typical (Scottish pubs could run out of alcohol due to supply issues, bosses warn, Glasgow Times online).

Just as the pubs are allowed to open fully (well, nearly) they run out of beer.

It would be a disaster!

Moonk Calder - Posted online

WITH regards the Glasgow council spokesperson who mentioned the £7 million investment by the council into the new hydrogen-powered bin lorries and the 20 new mechanical road sweepers – these will be replacing the old diesel lorries, so there will be no extra lorries.

The £6m spent on bins does not seem to be working.

And they say there will be 20 new mechanical street sweepers – most of them will be based around the city centre and surrounding area.

Will we see any of them in Drumchapel, Castlemilk or Easterhouse?

William McCarron - Glasgow

I WAS walking along the banks of the River Clyde on Saturday and it’s such a depressing place. I feel sorry for tourists who visit Glasgow. What must they think of the place?

PW - Glasgow

I WAS pleased to read that the police have been successful in cracking down on teenagers boozing in Kelvingrove Park.

It made the park a no-go zone over the summer for families due to some of the sights.

Do the parents of these youngsters even know where they go at night?

Maureen Russell - Glasgow

JOE Hart is a top professional that knows what it takes to play at the top level and internationally and that will be invaluable to all of Celtic’s players (Ex-England keeper Joe Hart offers advice to on-form Celtic team mate David Turnbull on Scotland future, Glasgow Times online).

David is one of many talented players at the club and we have yet to see the best from him and this current team.

The future looks bright and I can see Ange leading us from the despair we all felt last season to amazing things. Gosh, we need this feel good right now and long may it continue.

Jack Forbes - Posted online

DAVID TURNBULL is a very good player. Hopefully his injury problems are behind him.

Brian McGuire - Posted online