Saturday marked 100 days since the Holyrood election in May and the SNP Government being re-elected. No matter what Humza Yousaf and others are trying to spin, this is the date we should judge them on their promises they said they would deliver within 100 days before went to vote.

They are trying to move the goalposts and say that the 100 days should be marked from the date when Nicola Sturgeon was officially sworn in again as First Minister.

That is purely a smokescreen for their failure to deliver on so many of their promises they said they would, with analysis showing as many of one third of the pledges made haven’t seen any progress.

Glasgow Times: Our columnist says Nicola Sturgeon is just moving the goalposts Our columnist says Nicola Sturgeon is just moving the goalposts

This is all so typical of the SNP. Over their 14 years in charge, they have failed to take responsibility, so they would rather deny and deflect or blame something else.

We see it here in Glasgow day in day out. Residents and cleansing staff are routinely the subject of rodent attacks as the city’s waste crisis worsens.

It is common sense to everyone that when rubbish lies uncollected for weeks, if not months is a perfect breeding ground for rats. However, when my group brought a motion on the state of emergency that the SNP’s cleansing polices have brought to Glasgow, our SNP Council leader; Susan Aitken accused me of spreading misinformation about the scale of Glasgow’s rodent problem.

We saw this again only a few days ago when Labour leader Keir Starmer dared to question the state of Glasgow, Susan Aitken launched into a remarkable tirade in an attempt to avoid taking responsibility for the failures of her SNP administration.

I have little in common politically with Sir Keir, but I did appreciate him belatedly joining the Glasgow Conservatives in highlighting how Susan Aitken’s shambolic leadership is affecting our city’s streets.

I would have preferred if he had intervened a few months ago when Glasgow City Council was setting its budget and Labour councillors voted against our attempts to reverse the SNP’s bin collection cuts.

However, Susan Aitken’s response to the Labour leader was straight out of the nationalist playbook.

She accused Sir Keir of “coming up” from London and “telling Glasgow that we’re filthy”.

We’re a long way from the days that the SNP would pretend their civic and joyous nationalism was any different to others which ramp up grievance and exceptionalism.

It shouldn’t matter if it is someone from London or elsewhere that is saying that cuts to bin collections and charging for bulk uplifts is leading to a worsening waste crisis in Glasgow.

Glasgow Times: Susan Aitken Susan Aitken

The SNP continue to peddle the myth across Scotland that anyone who criticises their party’s performance is immediately denigrated as an ‘outsider’ and ‘talking down’ the country.

Even more bizarre was Susan Aitken’s outlandish attempt to describe people who wanted their bins collected as being part of the ‘far-right’. I don’t know what fantasy world Susan Aitken is continuing to inhabit but in the real everyday experience of Glaswegians, they expect their bins to be emptied on time and not be subjected to be living amongst a deluge of fly-tipping.

If Susan Aitken thinks that those concerns to be of the ‘far right’, then she is even more worryingly out of touch than I thought.