YOUR correspondent on Monday says that pubs running out of beer supplies would be a ‘disaster’.

Sorry but a disaster is folk losing their homes through flooding, losing their jobs at places like MacVities, and people attacked by thugs on our streets.

Running out of beer is an inconvenience and one we can live with.

MA - Glasgow

TODAY’S [Sunday] figures show another 1500 covid cases in Scotland at a 7.4% rate, which is far above the 5% rate the WHO says is a pandemic.

Yet, football stadiums are full with 50,000 people every Saturday and Wednesday and pubs and nightclubs are packed.

At the same time, four health boards have cancelled all routine operations.

Surely the Scottish Government has to cancel their plans to allow people to fly to Scotland from Europe without quarantine to stop further outbreaks.

David Watson - Via email

NOT everybody voted SNP (Campaigners in banner plea over closed libraries, Monday) – it is now affecting children’s education with libraries closing and community centres. What is next to go? Us oldies?

Elizabeth Watson Posted online OBVIOUSLY, the health and safety of children is not as important as saving a few minutes for motorists (School car-free zones hit by delays, Monday).

Robert Beckett - Posted online

GREAT news, I bet all Patrick Harvie wants is to create more cycle lanes like the ones in Pollok that no-one uses (Harvie says Green-SNP joint government deal expected ‘very soon’, Monday).

Also, bus lanes on main roads for the one bus an hour service and they have managed to cause even more chaos at the Peat Road ‘ovalabout’ – causing more pollution to a working-class area.

Caleb Anderson - Posted online

I THINK that’s terrible for the council to do that to a child (Girl refused place at school with sisters, Monday).

Parents have got enough running about to do without going to more than one school.

Julie Sharkey - Posted online