SCOTTISH Water has warned of brownish water in areas of Lanarkshire tonight.

The utility firm said East Kilbride, Rutherglen and Hamilton as well as surrounding area may experience discolouration to their water supply.

They are all served by the Daer Water Treatment Works and firm said the water is safe to use and drink

A statement from the firm said: "Customers supplied from Daer Water Treatment Works may intermittently experience a brownish tinge to the water. This is due to seasonal naturally occurring manganese levels present in the source water for this works.

"The treatment works uses a comprehensive chemical coagulation and filtration process and final water disinfection. Whilst the treatment is effective at removing bacteria and chemical impurities from raw water it does not entirely remove manganese.

"Scottish Water is also carrying out ongoing operations to further optimise the treatment process at the treatment works which should lead to a reduction in manganese levels and the associated discolouration issues currently being experienced in the water supply by some of our customers.

"Samples of water are being regularly taken to ensure that Scottish Water complies with the legislative standards set in the The Public Water Supplies (Scotland) Regulations 2014. Results for these samples comply with the above regulations for all other analysed parameters."