SCOTS singer-songwriter Paolo Nutini took fans by surprise as he posed for photos in a popular Paisley coffee spot last week.

The Pencil Full of Lead singer was spotted by lucky punters in Cafe 77 on Friday.

22-year-old Corrie Thomson was in the Glasgow Road shop for a coffee when her mum waved the Renfrewshire rocker over to their table.

Mandy Thomson noticed him - despite the Paisley lad wearing his Covid mask - and managed to get him over for a quick snap.

She posted the picture on Instagram, saying: "An embarrassed #Corrie when #Paolo Nutini approached us and all she could think about was she hadn’t washed her hair."

Mandy also took a video of the interaction, which showed Corrie exclaim, "Oh my god", as Paolo introduced himself.

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Mandy initially posted the clip on Instagram with the caption: "Just bumped into my pal #Paolo Nutini in #Cafe 77. Got Corrie a cracker."

She added: "Can't stop laughing. Your wee face.

"Didn't realise Paolo was so handsome."

Audrey McLean commented on the post: "You're so lucky."

Tray Williams said: "Aww that’s amazing, very lucky ladies."

Pamela Righetti added: "Lucky gurls."

The 34-year-old star, from the Renfrewshire town, has been out of the limelight in recent years.

Nutini has not released any new music since his critically acclaimed 2014 album Caustic Love.