Boris Johnson has said the UK will judge the Taliban regime in Afghanistan on the “choices it makes”.

The warning comes after it was announced 20,000 Afghan refuges will be welcomed to the UK on the coming years under as the Government unveiled the details of a scheme to provide sanctuary for those most at risk of persecution by the Taliban.

The Prime Minister was speaking to MPs in Commons where he explained: “We are clear and we have agreed that it’d be a mistake for any country to recognise any new regime in Kabul prematurely or bilaterally.”

He added: “Instead, those countries that care about Afghanistan’s future should work towards common conditions about the conduct of the new regime before deciding, together, whether to recognise it and on what terms.”

Boris Johnson's warning to the Taliban

Glasgow Times: The Prime Minister sent a warning to the Taliban. (PA)The Prime Minister sent a warning to the Taliban. (PA)

Mr Johnson hinted at recent press conferences from the Taliban when he sent a warning that “Defending human rights will remain of the highest priority.”

He said: “We will judge this regime based on the choices it makes and by its actions rather than by its words, and on its attitude to terrorism, to crime and narcotics, as well as humanitarian access and the rights of girls to receive an education.

“Defending human rights will remain of the highest priority and we will use every available political and diplomatic means to ensure that those human rights remain at the top of the international agenda.”

Boris Johnson defends Afghan troops

Glasgow Times: Boris Johnson recognised the sacrifice of Afghan troops. (PA)Boris Johnson recognised the sacrifice of Afghan troops. (PA)

One Monday night, US President Joe Biden slammed Afghan troops for the way the Taliban arrive at the gates of Kabul on Sunday and take back control with little resistance.

While acknowledging “the scenes in Afghanistan are gut-wrenching” he held a tough stance concerning US involvement in Afghanistan.

Biden questioned Afghan troops’ failure to defend their country when he doubled down on his decision to withdraw from the country.

He said: “It is wrong to order American troops to step up when Afghan forces would not.”

He added: “How many more generations of American daughters & sons would you have me to send to fight when the Afghans would not?”

Boris Johnson however paid tribute to their sacrifice.

He said the sacrifices of the Afghan army and its troops who have died in the conflict should “never” be forgotten.

Mr Johnson said that in 2014 when the UK brought “the vast majority of our troops home and handed over responsibility for security to the Afghans themselves”.

 He added that “even at that stage, we should remember, that conflict was continuous and that in spite of the bravery and sacrifice of the Afghan army – and we should never forget that 69,000 of those Afghan army troops have given their lives in this conflict – significant parts of the country remain contested or under Taliban control”.

Boris Johnson says we should be proud of UK troops who served in Afghanistan

Glasgow Times: Boris Johnson recognised the work of British troops in Afghanistan. (PA)Boris Johnson recognised the work of British troops in Afghanistan. (PA)

Boris Johnson concluded by recognising the role of British service personnel in Afghanistan, including those who died and were injured.

He told MPs: “Even amid the heart-wrenching scenes we see today, I believe they should be proud of their achievements and we should be deeply proud of them.”

Mr Johnson said they had conferred “lasting” benefits on people in Afghanistan as well as providing “vital protection” for two decades and the rest of the world.

He went on: “They gave their all for our safety and we owe it to them to give our all to prevent Afghanistan from once again becoming a breeding ground for terrorism.

“No matter how grim the lessons of the past, the future is not yet written.

“And at this bleak turning point we must help the people of Afghanistan to choose the best of all their possible futures, and in the UN, the G7, in Nato, with friends and partners around the world, that is the critical task on which this Government is now urgently engaged and will be engaged in the days to come.”