THESE fly tippers really need to get hammered by the courts as they could be responsible for people dying at a future date and the penalties just do not reflect that.

I know of one man, a complete idiot, who brought back a lot of rubble to level his garden before building a shed.

It must have contained asbestos as shortly later it was removed by the council. These removals must be costing councils a fortune.

Kids who do not understand the danger and treat these dumps as a play places.

Chic Chricton, online

This area has been getting used for dumping stuff for months now, what we now see is an escalation in dumping because no one in the council has responded to it.

Maybe Susan Aitken can ask for it to be removed on Twitter that seems to work.

If anyone sets that rubbish on fire it will be horrendous!!

A Quinn, online

With today’s technology cameras on all streets surely someone with brain cells can catch them?

Garry Stewart, Facebook

I noticed this yesterday on way home from work. Shocking and no excuses for it we all need to be responsible for our wast.

This is why the world is in the mess it’s in.

Steven Cavana, Facebook

Seen that. Every time I pass it gets bigger and bigger.

Neville JH Milne, Facebook

How can this be allowed to happen? Our city really has been allowed to go to the dogs.

When will the SNP administration finally stand up to its bosses in Edinburgh and demand more from Glasgow?

I’m guessing never. No, they are far too interested in pushing for a second independence vote.

It ain’t gonna happen.

John Gordon