RECENTLY we have seen the SNP leader of the City Council, Susan Aitken display just how out of touch she and her administration really are with Glaswegians, every time a new interview is released or comment is given from Councillor Aitken it just seems to cement even further how ignorant the SNP in the city are to the challenges Glasgow faces.

In a Herald interview, readers saw Councillor Aitken completely undermine the role and power of local government to effectively change people’s lives, it was pitched as “ending paternalism” but in reality when you look at the detail, it seemed more like a passing of the buck.

Masked as “community empowerment” but it would be in name only as local people are faced with taking on assets or facilities, with the only other option being that if they don’t, they may disappear completely.

I’ve seen how real community empowerment can work, I’ve mentioned previously of the successes of Knightswood Community Centre in my ward which was transferred to community ownership by the previous Labour administration.

Asset transfer can work when there is support from Councillors and organisation at the ground level willing to work to make it a reality, but these latest initiatives couldn’t be further from that. This time around communities are facing ultimatums with venues across the city still not having re-opening dates and local people being asked to register an interest to run it themselves. Communities left asking who is this really empowering?

And at the end of last week, like many fellow Glaswegians, I was horrified by the language used by Councillor Aitken when talking about constituents, trade unionists, cleansing workers and some of my fellow elected members, who are rightfully raising concerns about the ongoing waste crisis the city continues to face.

Comparing those who are begging this SNP administration to invest and fight for a fair deal for our city so we can clean it up to far-right fascists who have terrorised communities across Glasgow and who we have come together to stand against. Susan Aitken should be ashamed.

And despite the SNP administration’s unwillingness to accept the ongoing issues which Glasgow faces when it comes to cleansing, that waste crisis does continue and instead of listening to the workers who are telling us their job is getting tougher, who are crying out for more investment and who have highlighted that the morale of the workforce is at rock-bottom, Susan Aitken instead prioritises attacking politicians and trade unions who are making the effort to speak with those on the ground feeling the full impact of devastating cuts to our city.

These are the lengths Councillor Aitken and her administration are willing to go to, to avoid standing up for our city.

Pathetic distractions and an unwillingness to listen because they believe Glasgow is getting a fair deal and that they are doing a good job.

There’s no doubt Glasgow deserves better but with as long as Susan Aitken remains in charge we will never get it.