I WONDER how the indigenous people throughout the world feel about the European countries who are critical of what is going on in Afghanistan?

If television had been available after Christopher Columbus ‘discovered’ America, we would see that Europeans including the British, were every bit as bad as the Taliban.

We destroyed civilisations, using Christianity as our excuse, throughout the world.

When I lived in Canada as an evacuee for four years during the Second World War, the only time I saw indigenous people was at exhibitions similar to the Empire Exhibition.

Up until the latter years of the last century, indigenous children in Western Canada, were taken from their families to be brainwashed into Christianity, before being allowed home. As far as I am concerned, history is repeating itself.

The only difference is the religious beliefs of the oppressors.

Daniel Harris - Via email

AS a former resident of Govanhill, I am more than delighted and proud to learn, that after 20 years, that Govanhill Baths will reopen again in late 2022.

The credit for this opening must go to the many campaigners, several of them now deceased, who challenged Glasgow City Council’s decision to summarily close the Govanhill baths in 2001.

In 2004, the campaigners formed a well-organised Save Our Pool campaign.

RSD - Via email