NOT for the first time this week, I was almost ran over by a cyclist on Sauchiehall Street who wasn’t using their bell.

I ask you, what are bells for if not for warning people you’re coming?

I’m of an age now where I can’t move as quickly as I once did so I’m worried someone could take me clean out.

I’m not against cyclists like some people – I’m all for people leading active lifestyles. I just wish people could have a wee bit more consideration.

Perhaps we could look at extending the lovely cycle lane at the top of the street all the way down so that Sauchiehall Street can be enjoyed by all.


That pile of asbestos-ridden rubbish near Blochairn under the M8 is absolutely shocking and a public health hazard.

There is no excuse for it to still be sitting there.

It is a matter of urgency that it is cleared – the Scottish Government, Transport Scotland and Glasgow City Council have no excuses.

Instead of pointing the finger at one another, they should be working together to clean it up and keep the people of Glasgow safe.

Iain, Kelvinhall

I was shocked to see pictures of the rubbish under the M8.

John Shanks