Dear Janice, one of our friends has really bad body odour. It was bearable during lockdown when we were only able to meet up outside. However last weekend we were all in a booth in the pub and it was awful sitting next to her. We kept taking it in turns to go to the toilet and rotate where we sat when we returned. How can we approach the subject without offending her? Chloe.

Dear Chloe, you are already offending her by playing musical chairs behind her back! All of you are talking about her, but not to her. Now is the time to be a good friend and address this situation before she hears nasty comments from strangers about her body odour.

If the shoe was on the other foot, I imagine you would hope a friend told you first.

It is a delicate matter which is why I think only one or two of you should raise the issue with her.

Meet up and bring up the subject.

Chances are she is using a deodorant which is meant to mask body odour, however, if the odour is too strong then it simply won’t work. Suggest that deodorant doesn’t work for you, but anti-perspirant does.

It may be simply that she doesn’t know the difference between the two and is using the wrong product.

Dear Janice, I bought a lockdown puppy and now have booked a week away with my seven year old. Although my mum says she is happy to take the dog, my dad has put his foot down and refuses to look after it for me. He says it’s my responsibility, and that he warned me this would happen. Fair enough, but all I do is run after them, shopping, unpaid taxi service, housework, etc, so I didn’t think it was too much to ask them to return a favour. If my dad doesn’t come around, then I’ll need to cancel our September break. Laura.

Dear Laura, your dad is clearly trying to make a point.

I bet he gave you a list of reasons before you bought the puppy why you shouldn’t buy one, and you in return gave a list of reasons why you should.

Now you need the puppy looked after, it gives him the perfect opportunity to prove one of the many points he initially made. However, the puppy is here now and is part of your family. Although it is still very much your responsibility, I don’t think it’s a huge ask for your parents to keep your wee dog for a week whilst you enjoy a break with their grandchild.

You’re not abandoning them and heading off to Ibiza with your mates!

Explain to your dad that you really need a break, after all, being a single mum, working most days, looking after your child, and running errands for THEM is taking is taking its toll.

I am sure he’ll come round and most likely even enjoy having the wee dog about. However, if he digs his heels in and refuses, then take a leaf out of his book and dig yours in too.

Tell him sorry, but what with a young daughter, a puppy, and work, you’re too busy to do his errands.

Dear Janice, I never used to be the jealous type, but now I am on edge every time I am in a certain female’s company. You see she very openly flirts with my husband, and he is lapping up the attention, flirts back, and does nothing to avoid or discourage her. She is friends with our neighbours who have begun to invite her and her partner to all our get-togethers. My husband says I’m paranoid and over sensitive, but I’m not. I’m worried that next time after a few drinks I’ll blow my top with both of them. How do I stop her flirting with my husband? Jackie.

Dear Jackie, I was in a similar situation years ago and did nothing about it and felt truly miserable each time, so I urge you to speak up.

Talk to your husband and tell him how humiliated you feel and if it continues, then you are not willing to put yourself in such an uncomfortable position again.

All too often when egos are being boosted, men (and women), are oblivious to the hurt they are causing. Ask him to see things from your point of view.

Would he sit by and watch you flirt with another man? I very much doubt it.

You’re not being paranoid or oversensitive, you feel this way because you love your husband. Remind him that if day comes when you don’t give a toss about his flirting, this might be the day you move on.

The next invitation from your neighbours will be the perfect time to address their friends behaviour with them. I guarantee they are aware of her flirtatious nature but are too embarrassed to bring it up. If they continue to invite her and she continues to flirt, then blow your top. Might just be what someone should have done to her a long time ago.