A MUSIC-loving mum has turned her passion into a business helping reconnect pals throughout the lockdowns.

Gill Machaffie has always been a keen music lover and was known to DJ around her home as she grew up in the West End.

However, it wasn't until she began to plan her own 50th birthday party that the mum-of-one opted to create a silent disco.

She said: "I bought the equipment so those who wanted to dance could and others could talk without being drowned out by loud music.

"We all had such a great time and I thought this could be a good idea."

Glasgow Times:

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Gill had worked alongside her husband Brian running three children's nurseries throughout the West End and Bearsden.

When she turned 48, spurred on by her daughter's move to Australia, Gill decided she wanted a new venture which would allow her to make her own hours and take long breaks for trips down under.

Following her birthday party, Gill created the silent disco party company Ya Dancer and began volunteering at the likes of sheltered housing and care homes.

Business began to come in soon after, however, as other companies struggled as the country was plunged into lockdown, Gill's disco firm took off.

As pals and families looked for ways to hold socially distanced gatherings outdoors - without creating too much noise - the silent disco became the perfect option.

"As restrictions were changing from being allowed outdoors in groups of six and then to 15 and so on," she said, "We just started seeing this boom."

Glasgow Times:

Gill Machaffie

"People were having hen dos and children's parties but they were all happening outside, as numbers grew and people were hiring jacuzzis and tents we just had more and more people making inquiries.

"It went everywhere and it's just not stopped. My husband is working with me now and we've been to five places just today."

She added: "We had a children's party in Bishopbriggs that started at the woman's house and wound up at the grandparent's house so they were singing and dancing up a storm in the streets."

Gill's daughter returned to Scotland as the coronavirus pandemic took hold meaning the need for Australian vacations has ceased, however, she has no plans to walk away from her beloved company.

Glasgow Times:

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"It's so much fun, everyone can get involved," Gill said.

"We've been having parades and parties through the park, we hosted a charity event for the homeless.

"We've had so much going on. It's been incredible."

To find out more about Ya Dancer visit here.