Readers reacted after our story on a kids’ play area being smashed up by vandals. Here’s a selection of comments...

What is wrong with these people?

Debs Glassford

Under the new Scottish laws, our younger generation is not answerable to anyone and no longer have to explain their actions because they have the main control and responsibility.

You voted for this.

George Oliver

Youngsters have absolutely no respect now-a-days. They are quick eager to be confrontational to anyone who questions their behaviour.

The parents don’t have clue where they go after school and just allow them to loiter in locked-up schools and smash up the equipment.

Jamie Stuart

We need to get tougher on these ‘little angels’. They cycle about the streets now in large groups and are just waiting to cause trouble.

M Leitch

Police need to increase patrols around school in the evenings. The school facilities are easy targets for youngsters.

C Miller

The situation is out of control now. Youngsters didn’t even bother staying at home during the lockdowns.

They had the best time and were given far too much freedom from their parents.


I’M sick of seeing shoppers who just decide they’re not wearing face coverings anymore.

I was in Braehead on Sunday and it was full of them. I thought the rule still remained, so why do a minority continue to do what they want?

The security guards should refuse entry to the people who flout the rules or else they have a reasonable excuse for not wearing one.



I READ over the weekend that there is no end in sight for roadworks on the M8.

There are so many lanes closed off, which just creates a bottleneck when you approach the city centre.

It is just an accident waiting to happen every time you go on the motorway now. Thank goodness for home-working!

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