This month Cadbury’s are launching a new twist on one of their most popular chocolate bars and inviting you to ‘invest in shares' to celebrate.

The limited-edition Wispa Gold Hazelnut Flavour Bar is described as ‘Wispa’s delicious velvety chocolate bar with a dreamy hazelnut flavoured caramel filling' and will be released nationwide on Monday September 6.

However, wannabe financial whizzes can try their hand at purchasing 'shares' which will see successful traders paid out in the new limited edition chocolate bars before they hit the shelves.

Glasgow Times:

Pictured: 'a new type of gold' Limited edition Wispa Gold Hazelnut Flavour 

Joshua Collier, junior brand manager at Cadbury's said: “We’ve branded our Wispa Gold Hazelnut Flavour bar ‘A New Type of Gold’ due to its rarity and delicious hazelnut-flavoured caramel filling.

"Just like real gold, we’ve decided to turn our bars into a new (and fun) commodity, giving our fans the chance to receive a very tasty pay-out of limited-edition chocolate bars to share with their friends and family.”

Cadbury's will host 'share' drops on its Twitter page starting on Wednesday August 25 where you can watch as values fluctuate on their fictional market.

That’s the type low risk – high reward investment we can get behind.

For more information on how to get involved in buying ‘shares’ as well as full terms and conditions click here.