THE cupboards are bare, you fancy a takeaway but you don’t necessarily want to break the diet?

I was hoping a well known food delivery platform might throw up a few healthy options to keep my post-lockdown weight loss goals on track.

However, a quick search and I am given only two options for the entire G20 area  and one of them specialises in ice-cream.

It confirms everything I suspected, it seems near impossible to get a healthy delivery meal.

I decided to opt for Japanese cuisine, after all they are said to be among the healthiest people on the planet. Apparently they believe in always being slightly hungry and chewing every morsel 20 times, which means they rarely over-eat.

Glasgow Times:

I peruse the menu for Okome, on Byres Road which promises authentic Japanese cuisine. The firm has another restaurant in Shawlands specialising in sushi.

Of course the trouble with this delivery site is that you are not given descriptions of the food so there is a bit of guesswork involved unless you are well acquainted with Japanese food (which I’m not.) It’s getting late in the evening so I decide to take pot luck.

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My very hungry tummy is grumbling at the sound of the Yasai Croquettes - which I learn is the generic term for vegetables and while that may not be as healthy as I’d like I’m hoping the tofu Poke Bowl will salve my conscience.

I place my order at 8pm and switch on the first episode of the new Nicola Kidman drama on Netflix and hope my food is better than the drama.

The app estimates my grub should be at the door by 8.40pm which seems fair enough - I’m sure they are busy.

However, that time comes and goes and it’s 9pm before the buzzer goes. Given that’s come from Byres Road, which is a ten minute walk away, it’s been a bit of a wait.

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Thankfully the starter ticks all boxes. The croquettes are light and very tasty and perfectly paired with the salty soy sauce and I polish both off within seconds.

I’m not so enamoured with the Poke Bowl but it’s mainly my own fault as I dislike seaweed and there are lashing of the stuff.

I move that to one side and chow down on the fried rice, realising this is not the healthy meal I’d hoped for.  

I prefer my tofu cooked and it’s pale and lacklustre and pretty tasteless.

After a few mouthfuls I abandon it feeling a bit shortchanged by my £16 (including delivery) meal. 


The Bill 

Starter - Yasai Croquettes £4.10 
Main -  Tofu Poke Bowl £8.95
Delivery - £2.80 
Total -  £16.35