OUR story on a new Glasgow-wide 20mph speed limit to end road crash deaths sparked many comments.

Here’s a selection...

How about get all the cyclists off the roads first and then you’ll see a blooming difference.

Saimah Javed

Let’s put cycle lanes on main roads where the daily usage is very low but we can cause more congestion. Who in the council is paid to come up with this?

Paul Gilligan

IT’S better pedestrians and cyclists behaviour that’s needed.

Average speed through the city is 22mph so this is going to make zero difference.

Cars struggle to drive this slow. The time spent driving through at 20mph will mean more pollution and journey times.

Andy Cameron

So all the things they are doing around the city to cut emissions are now going to be raised again with cars crawling around the city, has anyone ever heard the saying– there are more sane people in the madhouse?

Bobby Hammack

Police do not enforce the 20mph zone in the town, why would this be any different?

Robert Beckett

I’m not a fan of the 20mph or neither am I a fan of driving in the city centre. It’s just too frustrating. Majority of the time I take the train in or go elsewhere to shop.

Paul Cassidy

You’ll never get anywhere. The streets are clogged as it is without slowing us all down further.

Natalie Monaghan

Idiotic. I’ve stopped driving in Glasgow City centre due to the amount of bikes flying in and out of lanes, cutting in front of cars and buses.

It’s not the cars that are the problem, it’s impatient people trying to get across the roads and cyclists.

James Findlay

Councillor Anna Richardson, the city’s head of sustainability, believes that a key element will be ensuring more people take up walking and cycling and hopes to introduce a 20mph speed limit.

Do they expect people to walk to work or walk to get their weekly shopping?

Shehzad Mctee

It’s about saving lives and especially children and elderly lives.

At 30mph you’re likely to be killed or seriously injured, while at 20mph there a 95% chance of surviving being hit but as soon as you go over 25mph, the chances of a fatality rise by 70%.

And far from causing congestion, as shown in other countries, it has the opposite effect.

David J Turner

Do they actually expect people to adhere to this?

Rab Strachan