FOR more than 30 years, successive councils in Glasgow worked tirelessly to regenerate our city and reinvent it.

After the decline in traditional industries, there was a concerted effort to transform our city into a world-class destination.

From the opening of the SECC in the mid-1980s to the Garden Festival in 1988 to the Clyde development, the Commonwealth Games and the birth of the financial services district, Glasgow became synonymous with successful urban regeneration.

Living in Glasgow came with a profound sense of pride.

But the current SNP administration is letting our city and its people down. Enough is enough. The level of rubbish piling up on streets is the result of a shameful lack of leadership.

Austerity measures are having a devastating impact for residents, visitors and cleansing staff.

Three-weekly collections and bulk uplift charges have been disastrous. How many more workers need to be attacked by rats for something to happen?

And the debacle around Glasgow Life funding cuts is a scandal. This goes far beyond the vital libraries that have closed their doors; it includes community centres and sporting facilities as well.

The Barlia football pitches in my ward are closed once again following the end of the summer programme.

When we are facing both a physical and mental health crisis due to Covid, the loss of sporting activities is extremely short-sighted.

Decades of hard work to address Glasgow’s deep-seated inequalities and build its reputation are being undone.

It is only two months until the world arrives in the city for COP26 and we’re a mess. And what is the local SNP leadership doing about this? Nothing.

Except, that is, for a tirade against residents for not taking take individual action that would have made Margaret Thatcher and David Cameron blush.

They may not have listened, but at least Thatcher and Cameron had to deal with criticism from local leaders of all party colours.

But not Nicola Sturgeon.

She can take an axe to Glasgow’s budget without a peep of protest from Susan Aitken, aided and abetted by SNP MSPs and their Green partners-in-crime.

What a contrast with a city leader like Andy Burnham.

The Greater Manchester mayor always puts his residents first and goes into bat for a fair deal from national government.

And before anyone points out that he represents a different party to the Westminster government, just ask former Labour First Minister Jack McConnell about the hard time he got from Glasgow’s past leaders about the city’s budget.

It is Susan Aitken’s job to stand up for the people of Glasgow. She claimed in a recent interview that she has been “nagging” the Scottish Government for help over the city centre. Nagging isn’t good enough. She should be hammering on the door of Bute House. That’s what someone willing to put their city above party politics would do.

If the council leader isn’t prepared to stand up for the people of our city, then it’s time to let someone else get on with the job. There is so much potential in our city.

With the right resources and the right support, we can fulfil that potential and reinvigorate the city centre, clean up our streets, re-open community facilities, and ensure Glasgow thrives once again.

But it requires strong and effective leadership. It requires an administration in the chambers that will fight our people’s corner and show pride in Glasgow.

The SNP has demonstrated it cannot provide that leadership and has failed our city. Glasgow deserves better.