IT HAS been a fixture of Tollcross’s landscape since the 1800s but most Glaswegians probably do not even know it is there.

Egypt Farm was, as our pictures from 1949 and 1963 show, a bona fide rural property in the heart of the east end.

The story goes that it was given its name by a soldier who had recently returned from serving in the British Army in Egypt to take ownership of the place.

Glasgow Times: Egypt Farm in Tollcross, 1963

It was a dairy farm, with sheep and cattle happily grazing by the nearby burn. Later, there were orchards on the site, with apple and pear trees.

It must have made a lovely view for the people living in nearby tenements - and very different from most of the city streetscapes at the time.

Although Tollcross was predominantly a mining area, Mrs Hamilton, the farm’s owner back in the 40s, kept chickens, geese and cows.

This made sure she could guarantee a regular supply of fresh eggs, milk and meat for the hungry pitworkers and their families.

As a result of the unusual name, this part of Glasgow became known as Little Egypt and some old maps show the area referred to as ‘Egypt’.

The farmhouse building is still there, at the top of Dalness Street.

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Do you remember Egypt Farm? It would be great to hear from any readers who lived there, or who visited to help feed the chickens.

Do these picture bring back any memories? Do you have any old photos and stories you would like to share with our readers?

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