THIS council is a joke. As a proud Glaswegian I’m embarrassed regarding the litter problem in the city.

People have a lot to answer for.

This picture, below, was taken outside the Mitchell library at 11am on Monday. It’s shocking.

It gets worse – one of our city’s most iconic buildings has weeds growing from the facade. The council has to stop telling lies.

The city is a shambles. It is too busy building cycle lanes that nobody uses. Check out Garscube Road.


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JUST to inform Glasgow council officer Andy Waddell when he speaks about the millions to be spent on cleansing hydrogen-powered bin


That’s all fine and well for reducing diesel fumes in the city, but the lorries do not empty bins or clean streets – it takes manpower.

William McCarron


THE system of voting first pass the post in general elections, in this country, is in my opinion undemocratic, as it often leads to abuse of power, and dictorial conduct by the elected government.

A classic example is Boris Johnson and the current Tory government.

Although democraticly elected, in many instance they have abused their power, most notably during

the pandemic.

A responsible elected government, would have suspended Brexit negotiations indefinitely and formed a national government, to tackle

the rampant threat of

the Coronavirus affecting the nations health.

Until a more democratic means of voting is found, first past the post will continue to be a blight on democracy in the UK.


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