READERS gave their views online on our story that Glasgow families will be worst hit by the ‘brutal’ £20 cut to Universal Credit. Here’s a selection of comments...

IT’S not a cut as such – it is the return to what it was.

If UC is enough/too little to live on is another matter. But furlough ends too, and apparently there are businesses and farms struggling for workers.

So maybe time to redeploy some people into these jobs.

Uri El

UNIVERSAL Credit a joke. It’s not enough to live on as it is without reclaiming their £20 back. We’ve still got bills to pay out of the pittance they give you.

Mo McLaren

THE amount of people raging that families are getting an extra £20 a week is ridiculous.

Universal Credit is for people who work as well.

For the judgemental ones, would you rather kids and families suffer and go without?

Does it really affect your day-to-day life? It’s not as if it’s people who are living a life of luxury – get a grip.

Kerry McCarrol

IT was temporary! There’s one million jobs out there today. People can put their kids to school and do a few hours a day. Stop looking for something for nothing.

Stuart Birnie

THIS was always said to be a temporary addition.

What did people do before this was given? Stop the whinge and get used to your amount before this was given.

It is even more burden on people’s taxes to pay for it.

Lets’ stop this ‘owt for nowt’ society.

Malcolm Bell

IT’S not a cut, it was extra given due to the virus which is now being stopped.

Derek Taylor

LOOK at all of you blaming your fellow Glaswegians as if they’re the villains for getting benefits.

Instead of the landlords, bosses and politicians who rip us off daily.

Playing right into their


James Fitzpatrick

I GET why this was only temporarily through the pandemic but what people are forgetting is all the supermarkets have bumped their prices up since UC started.

Gary Donnachie

LOTS of workers don’t get a penny of welfare, every penny earned pays for everything, and we are not all millionaires.

James Davidson

IT was given the same time as furlough, so has to end at some point.

Caroline Streetly

IT was always going to be temporary. Furlough will stop so will this.

Paula Docherty