Never mind the never-ending debate over whether it should be classed as a biscuit or a cake.

Beanies Coffee have created a Jaffa cake flavoured instant coffee, perfect for those who just can’t get enough chocolate-y orange goodness.

Glasgow Times:

Available in Lidl shops nationwide now, this low calorie and sugar free coffee costs only £1.99 and is described as a ‘sweet, drinkable treat which combines tangy orange with smooth chocolate flavours and notes of sweet sponge.’

The new range also features other classic dessert-inspired flavours like Irish cream, Caramel Popcorn and White chocolate and Raspberry, sure to appeal to any sweet tooth.

Glasgow Times:

If you’re struggling to choose then you’re in luck as you can also buy a variety pack including all of the above flavours for just £1.99.

We know what we’ll be buying to jazz up our iced lattes for the last of the summer months.