WE’VE all been there - massive frustration at the actions of our neighbours.

But a dispute in Garnethill has gone next level with a resident threatening to “firebomb” three cars that have been left to rust.

Concerned locals spotted a notice tucked under the windscreen wiper of a derelict vehicle in Buccleuch Lane between Scott Street and Dalhousie Street.

Glasgow Times:

The note pulls no punches in expressing fury at the three cars sitting out abandoned on the street.

Each is covered in moss with grass and weeds growing up underneath.

And one has bin bags for side windows as the glass is smashed.

No one would like such a decrepit sight on their residential street.

As the note makes clear.

It reads: “Get them f****** moved or scrapped.

“You have seven days before I set them on fire you selfish b*******.

“Call a scrap car company now."

Glasgow Times:

The angry author of the note then goes on to set out the consequences for ignoring their demands.

It adds: “If not they will be firebombed and when the police come I will find out who you are and hunt you down.

“Selfish f******.”

Glasgow Times:

Let’s hope whoever owns the cars gets them moved - and has a convincing apology ready.