IT’S a funny old world right now as we all try to get back to some sort of normal, while acknowledging that things won’t be quite the same as they were.

I was on duty in Glasgow over the weekend and was blown away with how busy the city was. It seems to get that little bit busier every week now.

It’s tough going at peak times, it always has been, but there’s a few important points to get across to those who are out and about at weekends again.

The relaxing of restrictions has led to thousands of you returning to Glasgow city centre in recent weekends, and it will be more of the same this weekend.

That has led to huge demand for taxis at peak times, stretching the limits of a trade which is still recovering from many of the unseen effects of the pandemic.

We know there can be longer than usual waits at peak times over the weekend at present and appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding.

Top tip: The number one option for anyone in Glasgow city centre seeking a taxi at weekend peak times, is to go to one of the Nitezone marshalled ranks where they will be safely looked after while waiting in a queue which is served by our drivers.

Marshalled Nitezone ranks operate on Gordon Street, Sauchiehall Street, Albion Street and Byres Road on Friday and Saturday nights.

There has been some talk, particularly on social media, of taxi or private hire firms inflicting surge pricing on passengers. With Glasgow Taxis that is not and will never be the case.

The drivers of all of our licensed taxis – around half of Glasgow’s black cabs – work to a set tariff and can provide a consistent pricing for journeys irrespective of demand, as well as fixed prices via our app.

We hope everyone can have a safe and enjoyable time up the toon at weekends. And we thank you again for your patience and support at peak times.

Remember, all Glasgow Taxi cabs are identifiable by their yellow signage. To book a Glasgow Taxi download the app or call 0141 429 7070. Stay safe!