A DRUNKEN LOUT bit a passenger on a bus and also tried to grab the driver's wheel.

Anthony Gordon sparked mayhem after he got on board in Hope Street, Glasgow on July 9 2019.

The 58 year-old initially hurled sectarian abuse before being ordered to stop.

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Prosecutor Kyle Dalziel told Glasgow Sheriff Court: “He then went to sit at the front of the bus and called the driver a ‘c**t’ several times.

"He then moved to the back shouting ‘you’re a dead man walking’.”

“He continued to shout at passengers and then returned to the front where he kicked the driver’s window and reached through to grab the steering wheel.

"This caused the bus to change direction.”

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Several passengers yelled at him before Gordon was grabbed and pulled away.

Gordon then sank his teeth into a passenger biting him on the hand and arm.

Police were alerted before Gordon was hauled off and arrested.

Gordon, from the city's Garscadden, pleaded guilty to behaving in an abusive manner, shouting sectarian abuse as well as recklessly attempting to steer the bus.

His lawyer told the court the lout accepted his conduct was "outrageous".

Sheriff Barry Divers sentenced him to a restriction of liberty order for 145 days and ordered him to carry out unpaid work for 210 hours.