SUSAN Aitken has hit back at claims Glasgow is "filthy" as she defended her administration's cleansing record. 

The council leader insisted the city only needed a "spruce up as we emerge from Covid", despite repeated criticism over the state of the streets. 

In recent weeks, union bosses have described cleansing in Glasgow as being in "crisis" while opposition politicians have accused the SNP woman of "being out of touch". 

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“I don’t believe the streets are filthy," Cllr Aitken said during an interview with STV. "I think there are patches that are problematic, I think there are patches that need targeted, but the problems I see are to do with commercial waste, much of which is not the responsibility of the council.

“But we do need to invest in enforcement to target that.”

Asked directly if she agreed the streets were “filthy”, she replied: “I don’t think that everywhere in the city is filthy.

“We’ve got some work to do to get Glasgow looking back to its best in some of the neighbourhoods.”

Glasgow Times: GMB convenor Chris Mitchell just last week launched a 'rat register' GMB convenor Chris Mitchell just last week launched a 'rat register'

She added: “I think Glasgow needs a spruce up as we emerge from Covid.”

Cllr Aitken's comments come on the day we shared footage of a large pack of rats making its way through Alexandra Park, in Dennistoun. 

Last week, the GMB union launched a 'rat register' to keep track of sightings of the vermin in Glasgow. 

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