Plans for a Glasgow metro tram network need clarity over funding and timescale a city MSP has said.

The Glasgow Metro was at the heart of the Connectivity Commission report which could revolutionise public transport in the city.

The ambitious project could see a number of light rail and tram lines running to major attractions and hospitals in the city.

The first phase is planned to be from Glasgow Airport to Paisley Gilmour Street station to connect the airport to the main rail network.

Others include along the River Clyde to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and the SEC and another to the east along Edinburgh Road.

The plan has been included for consideration in the next Scottish Government strategic transport projects review but as yet no date has been set for starting work or funding identified.

Pauline McNeill, Glasgow Labour MSP asked the transport minister what support including funding the Scottish Government would provide to the project.

Grahame Dey, Transport minister, said it will be for the council to determine whether it wishes to implement the Connectivity Commission’s recommendations.

He added: “However, we are progressing the second strategic transport projects review, which is considering the case for a Glasgow metro, and the Scottish Government is working collaboratively with Glasgow City Council on that. Decisions on future funding will be made after STPR2 is concluded and as part of the Scottish budget process.”

He added: “Of course, the Glasgow city region local authorities have more than £1 billion in their growth deal infrastructure fund, of which the Scottish Government committed £500 million, to use for investment in infrastructure such as the Glasgow metro.

Pauline McNeill said she was left confused as to who would be funding the project , the council through the city deal or the Scottish Government as a strategic transport project.

She said: “For some time I have been worried that Glasgow is being left behind and that the investment needed to help the city keep its status as an important city on the world stage is not being made.

“I have serious concerns that vital public transport infrastructure projects for Glasgow will not be delivered in an acceptable time frame.

“Following the response I received from the Minister today, we are no clearer on the plans for the proposed Metro.

“In the course of his answer he said that the decision on whether or not to proceed with the project was one for Glasgow City Council, but also that it was an issue of national importance which is going to be considered under the Strategic Transport Projects Review 2.

“On top of that he suggested that the Glasgow City Region has £1b which could be used for the project.

“So, what is it, an issue for Glasgow City Council or an issue of national importance?

“Regardless of which it is, it is apparent that no one from the SNP at Glasgow City Chambers or The Scottish Parliament have a clue how it is going to be funded.”