SUSAN Aitken has claimed £30 billion can be raised to transform Glasgow, despite leisure venues across the city remaining shut due to a lack of cash. 

The council leader insisted there "is enough money out there" to fund a River Clyde renewable project, which would see green energy provided to around half of Glaswegians by 2030. 

Her comments come at a time where hubs such as libraries and sports centres remain shut because of a black hole in the council's coffers. 

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During an interview with STV, Cllr Aitken also called the city's renewable record "woeful" and rejected claims the streets are "filthy". 

"We are starting work on the feasibility for that now," she said. "We have some funding from the Scottish Government though the Clyde Mission.

Glasgow Times: Venues across the city remain shut Venues across the city remain shut

"The timescale is by 2030. We need to have not just all the city but the whole Glasgow City Region on renewable source heat networks. We think it will cost £30billion."

Asked where the money was coming from when there is not enough cash to keep all of the city's leisure venues open, she said: "That's what we are working on. That is what cities and governments are going to have to do.

"It is a combination of national government, private finance and the millions of pensions funds across the world. There is enough money out there in the world. Believe me.

When asked how much the Scottish Government would supply, Cllr Aitken said: "That's not a question for me to answer." 

Glasgow Times:

During the interview, the SNP leader also insisted the city only needed a "spruce up as we emerge from Covid", despite repeated criticism over the state of the streets.

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"I don’t believe the streets are filthy," she said. "I think there are patches that are problematic, I think there are patches that need targeted, but the problems I see are to do with commercial waste, much of which is not the responsibility of the council.

“But we do need to invest in enforcement to target that.”

Responding to Cllr Aitken's claims, Glasgow Labour leader Malcolm Cunning said: “These are delusional comments from Susan Aitken.

“Glasgow’s streets are in an appalling state as a direct result of SNP cuts.

“The dedicated teams of refuse workers and the people of our city deserve better.

“Glasgow needs leadership that will put the city first.”